China downplays new bird flu fears Updated 9:34 a.

Scientists have been carefully monitoring the H5N1 stress of the virus, fearing that it might mutate into a form that spreads very easily among people, sparking a pandemic potentially. Up to now, most human situations have already been connected to connection with infected birds.. China downplays new bird flu fears Updated 9:34 a.m. ET BEIJINGTwo Shanghai guys have died from a lesser-known kind of bird flu in the initial known human deaths from the strain, and Chinese authorities said Sunday that it wasn’t clear how these were infected, but that there is no evidence of human-to-human transmission. A third person, a female in the close by province of Anhui, also contracted the H7N9 strain of bird flu and was in crucial condition, China’s National Health insurance and Family Planning Commission stated in a report on its website.Leprosy can be treated with antibiotics. If still left undiagnosed it can result in nerve damage, numbness and the amputation of toes and fingers. The latest uptick of cases in Florida has some people worried, but experts say as long as occupants avoid contact with armadillos, they should be secure. ‘What’s occurring in Florida is not necessarily regarding but what’s interesting is those instances were all with people who were in immediate contact with armadillos,’ Joshi stated. ‘It really is still very, very unlikely to cause problems, but be aware of armadillos and stay away from them.’ Armadillos are usually nocturnal, but right is breeding season in Florida now, so babies could be out during the full day.