That is the conclusion of a fresh study released in the September 1.

His research team happens to be conducting such a report. Article: ‘Anxiety and distress during energetic surveillance for early prostate tumor.’ Roderick C.N. Van den Bergh, Marie-Louise Essink-Bot, Monique J. Roobol, Tineke Wolters, Fritz H. Bangma, and Ewout W. Steyerberg. Cancer; Published Online: July 27, 2009 ; Print Issue Date: September 1, 2009.. Anxiety and distress during active surveillance for early prostate cancer tumor Men with early stages of prostate cancer who have delay radical treatment in favor of a strategy of ‘expectant management’ do not have high levels of anxiety and distress.Usually, early stage endometrial cancer could be removed surgically and includes a good prognosis. However, it is sometimes inoperable which is for a genuine number of reasons, including if the individual includes a number of various other medical issues that would make a surgical procedure risky or if they’re very obese or obese. In such cases radiotherapy is the just remaining treatment choice and the common survival time is just about 3 years. Of the 460 women, 260 have been treated with exterior beam radiation alone, and 200 with brachytherapy, with or without exterior beam radiation.