Can hearing voices in your head be a good thing?

‘In fact, a lot of those affected describe their voices as being a positive influence within their lives, comforting or inspiring them as they start their daily business. We’re right now keen to research why some people respond in this manner while some are distressed and look for outside help.’ Although the voices noticed by psychiatric sufferers and users of the general population appear to be of the same quantity and frequency, the previous group tend to interpret the voices as more distressing and negative.Our R&D Groups at Valeant and Bausch + Lomb are proving an output-driven method of R&D delivers even more value to your shareholders and benefits doctors and the sufferers they serve. Full outcomes from this research will be offered at another ophthalmic congress. Information about another Stage 3 trial of sub-micron loteprednol etabonate gel in recently initiated post-operative cataract surgery sufferers is also offered by Bausch + Lomb expects to document a New Drug Software with the U.S.