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Physicians should thoroughly talk to you about conservative methods of treatment to take care of your pain before referring you to a hand surgeon. Hand surgery is preferred for the most severe carpal tunnel situations typically, but there are numerous techniques designed for treating patients with early stages of CTS. The only way to be correctly educated on CTS can be to consult with a hand specialist. Specialists are wanting to respond to any of your inquiries about carpal tunnel syndrome, and suggest the best treatment program for your affliction.. Carpal Tunnel Medical Myths and Facts There is no lack of myths on the subject of carpal tunnel syndrome, which misinformation could cause people haphazardly agreeing to more serious treatment approaches than they really need.In 2014, the Medicare Payment Advisory Committee studied the consequences of medicine adherence on the Medicare plan and discovered that patients newly identified as having congestive heart failing showed significant medical part savings. Furthermore, a 2013 research by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Solutions found that compared to Medicare beneficiaries with COPD or congestive center failure who didn’t receive any MTM solutions in 2010 2010, those that were signed up for MTM applications experienced significant improvements in the standard of their medication regimens and costs had been saved.