Our ultimate goal here is to maintain all outdoor employees safe in heat.

California Occupational Basic safety and Health Standards Table approves revisions to Temperature Illness Prevention Standard California is still a national leader in taking procedures to keep employees safe and sound while working outside in heat piller . Duncan. Our ultimate goal here is to maintain all outdoor employees safe in heat. High-Heat Rules High-heat procedures are now required for five industries when temperatures reach 95 degrees or above.Shade must be located as close seeing that practicable to the areas where employees will work.Allow for all sectors excluding agriculture to implement alternate procedures for providing usage of shade in instances where the employer can demonstrate that it’s infeasible or unsafe to possess a shade structure, or elsewhere to have color present on a continuous basis.


The enormous issues elevated by the EU Clinical Trials Directive, which doesn’t properly look at the specificities, and the relevance to general public health, of academic scientific research, jeopardise the future function of the already established network of paediatric oncologists involved with international collaborative scientific trials. MEP’s should increase, in their countries, the nagging complications the Clinical Trials Directive may cause for academic scientific research and, if necessary, consider the necessity to re-open up the Directive. Increasing collaboration between paediatric oncologists should also be addressed by suggesting adjustments to the structural organisation of treatment in Member Claims.