Broken heart syndrome more prevalent in women Think broken heart is a figure of speech?

Abhiram Prasad, a Mayo Clinic cardiologist. One theory is usually that hormones play a role. Men may be able to deal with tension better because they have significantly more adrenaline receptors in their hearts than ladies do, Deshmukh said. About 10 % of victims could have a second episode in their lives sometime. And although heart attacks happen even more in winter, damaged heart syndrome is more prevalent in summer. The study was explained Wednesday at an American Center Association conference in Florida.. Broken heart syndrome more prevalent in women Think ‘broken heart’ is a figure of speech? Reconsider.‘The study findings provide clear evidence that the healthcare concern is usually captivating the American people. It isn’t a topic being discussed within the beltway just, nor just among those mobilized by activists on both relative sides of the problem,’ says Ed Keller, CEO of the Keller Fay Group. ‘The heightened concentrate on health care in daily conversation during the last two months signifies that Us citizens are deeply involved in this issue – – discussing it to an even greater degree than they are discussing the entire state of the economy. In addition, the increased attention to healthcare in daily discussion among major cable news viewers and especially among Fox News viewers, demonstrates the influence of the news media to drive the national conversation.