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The Big Island is the largest of the Hawaiian Island and after Kilaueaís eruption over 20 years ago, itís still growing. Although the largest, it is not as populated as some of the other Hawaiian Islands. The Big Island is 95 miles long and 80 miles wide with five connected volcanos, two of which are dormant and two are very active. Youíll find fewer beaches along the Big Island but the few that exist are strikingly beautiful.

Big Island, Hawaii is the perfect vacation destination for the family, romantic getaway with the one you love, or a week of relaxing with friends. Itís the perfect balance of non-stop activity and rest and relaxation. When youíre not working on your tan, you can enjoy all the popular Big Island attractions like ziplining, glass bottom boat tours, helicopter tours, parasailing, horsebackriding, and whale tours. Because of the many volcanos on the Big Island, youíll find plenty to explore either by a biking trip or walking tours. Along the Kohala countryside, the land of old sugar plantations, trails will invite you to take in the beauty of seven different waterfalls. At Kohala youíll even have the opportunity to swim in mountain streams with cascading falls overhead. At Puu Laau, youíll roam the rainforests and dryforests. This stop is a great place for bird watching and is home to several endangered species of birds. The Big Island is also known to have the best scuba diving and snorkeling in the Hawaiian Islands. A vacation on the Big Island of Hawaii will provide adventure for the entire family. Youíll be amazed at all the activities that Alabamaís Gulf Coast has to offer the vacationer.