Big Island Family Friendly Activities – Things To Do

From volcano tours to waterfall adventures, horseback riding to whale watching, helicopter tours to submarine tours, you are sure to find adventures for the entire family to enjoy while vacationing on the Big Island. One of the Big Islandís most popular tours is the Kohala Ditch adventure. Donned with inflatable kayaks, the family will float along this historic irrigation ditch through tunnels, across a number of flume structures, and past native flora and fauna. After a five year hiatus, this adventure has recently re-opened and because of its popularity, tends to fill up quickly. Itís best to reserve your date now. Another great family experience on the Big Island is participating in a Laua. An authentic laua during sunset over the beautiful beaches will provide history as well as entertainment and dining for the whole family. On the Big Island of Hawaii, youíll also have the opportunity to swim with some of the year round dolphin residents in their natural habitat. It will surly create lasting memories for you and your family. And when you are ready to experience the larger mammal residents of Big Island, a whale tour will be an experience you wonít want to miss. Look over the edge of your boat as these gentle giants, the humpback whales, swim under you. You wonít want to leave your camera behind for this one. Another way to view the underwater beauty is a submarine ride. Descend 100 feet into another version of paradise. Air-conditioned interiors and large view-ports allow you comfortable access to all of the Big Islandís underwater sea life. Your options are endless when it comes to family activities on the Big Island of Hawaii.